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House Rules Quick Reference

  1. All characters start with 3 traits. One must be a campaign trait.
  2. Rather than rolling for initiative, all characters have an initiative score of 10 + modifiers. Any special abilities that let you re-roll initiative or “take 20” or the like work normally.
  3. When channeling energy, clerics do not have to choose whether they are channeling to heal or to harm, it always does both to the appropriate creature types (i.e. channeling positive heals all living creatures in the area AND harms all undead in the area).
  4. Archers do not need to keep track of mundane ammo. If you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll, you are out of that kind of ammunition. Otherwise you have enough. Specialty ammunition (including magical ammunition) must be tracked individually unless purchased in lots of 20 or more (in which case the “infinite until you roll a 1” rule applies).
  5. Item Creation requires the character to collect appropriate materials equal to the cost of the item. Liquid cash (coins) can NOT be expended for item creation purposes unless its for the purpose of melting down the metal for use in the item (though you are free to use that money to buy appropriate reagents). If you don’t provide a cool description of how you are making the item and what materials you are using, the item being built will automatically acquire 1 random curse.
  6. We will be using materials from the Mythic Adventures Playtest. For the sake of continuity, we will continue using the playtest docs even after the end of the official playtest period.
    • In order to keep things moving, any Lesser Trial will count towards your advancement (not just ones you declare that you are working on) (see pg. 20-23 for details).

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Allowed Materials

  1. Anything appearing on this site
  2. Anything published by Paizo
  3. Anything published by Paizo Fans United (i.e. Wayfinder Magazine)
  4. Feats from En Publishing

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