Falcon's Hollow

Town map

Falcon’s Hollow is perhaps better described as a scattered collection of several ramshackle
communities rather than a single town. Enclaves of wealthy lumberlords sit
comfortably on the Perch, looking down at numerous ghettos of indigents, downtrodden
lumberjacks, religious zealots, and desperate settlers who in turn gaze across their
fences with suspicion and distrust.

A teeming monster-fraught wilderness surrounds the hollow. Danger lurks just
beyond the treeline, and most of Falcon Hollow’s more canny residents realize the
settlement will most likely be savaged by some horrid monstrous threat sooner rather
than later. Until that day, the lumberlords do their best to snatch as much darkwood
from the vale as they can. It’s only a matter of time before their heedless ravaging of
the wilderness around the town draws the notice of a fierce guardian.

Meanwhile, adventurers flock to Falcon’s Hollow but most vanish into the shadows of
Darkmoon Vale, never to be seen again. Even more lose their nerve after their first brush
with the unholy terrors lurking in the night and end up slaving away at the cutyards or
selling their swords to lumberlords who always need more unscrupulous ruffians to
keep the rabble in line.

Powers That Be

Blackblood Covenant: This secretive congregation of Falconers who bow to Urgathoa, the Pallid Princess, gather to worship under a cabal of disease-ridden priests. Many of the most high-ranking clergy members hide in plain sight as leprous beggars by day. By night, they lead dark rites to the Pale Princess of Pestilence in remote groves outside of town. The covenant’s ultimate motive and plans remain shrouded in mystery, but it most likely does not have healthy intentions toward the populace of Falcon’s Hollow.

Church of Iomedae: With all the downtrodden to preach to in Falcon’s Hollow, missionaries of Iomedae, Goddess of Valor and Justice, have established a foothold in town. Many other religious sects who fled here to escape the Church of Light’s persecution resent Iomedae’s followers. Tensions run high between congregations, often resulting in less-than-holy brawls on the muddy thoroughfares of Worship Way.

Lumber Consortium: This powerful collection of unscrupulous tycoons and magnates of the lumber trade controls most of the tree-felling camps (commonly called cutyards) in the area around the vale. Those lumberjacks who refuse to affiliate with the consortium (and agree to its horrendously exploitative labor and pay practices) are often muscled out of business or simply disappear. The consortium employs three hundred jacks and nearly half that many sellswords, thugs, and mercenaries to protect the cutyards from monsters as well as to intimidate competitors.

Redrock Guild: This organized criminal syndicate poses as a business club and moneylenders union, but most Falconers know its members constitute some of the vilest flesh-peddlers, sneak-thieves, and murderers in town. The current leader is a fearsome half-orc named Kadran Bloodeye, whose penchant for flaying his enemies alive in the basement of his pleasure establishment, called the Rouge Lady Inn, is well known.

The Pathfinder Society: The Pathfinders have a small outpost in Falcon’s Hollow, run by Venture Captain Elarius Goldstaff. While mostly just a stopover for agents traveling to Magnimar or other larger settlements, the outpost does attract a few would-be adventurers hoping to explore the dwarven ruins or unearth other secrets of the Darkmoon Vale.

Falcon's Hollow

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