The Shattering of Darkmoon Vale

Adventure Log 6: Droskar's Crucible

"A goblin bard?! It's so cute he thinks he's people..."

Adventure Log: Desnus 16, Year 4712 AR, Sunday

The party made their way back down the mountain to the old monastery. Grabbing one of the fallen front doors, they made a bridge across the stagnant pool into the south-west corner of the place, entering into an old library covered with fungus.

Hugh peeked into the hallway, then discreetly opened the northern door into an old chapel, where they saw Bernel Diaz clutching and eyeball in his hand and searching the room. Hugh and Bernel exchanged greetings and the cleric explained that he was looking for “desecraters of the dead”…at which point everything went dark and a thing landed on Bernel’s head and began strangling him. Egon droped the thing with a quick crossbow bolt, only to have a second one drop from the ceiling. The creature missed Bernel’s head and was clawed to pieces by Maurit.

Guy identified the things as “dark mantles” and proceeded to dissect them, while Bernel turned the lights back on. Hugh spotted two more of the creatures on the ceiling and made short work of them with his bow.

Hugh and Guy told Bernel about the blackscour taint afflicting Falcon’s Hollow and the ironbloom mushrooms they had come to the monastery in search of. Bernel seemed strangely pleased by the thought of the deadly disease, and sniffed at the eyeball he was carrying (which Maurit recognized as a holy relic of Azathoth, a god of entropy and mindless destruction).

Guy stepped back to feed his bear-cubs while the others searched the room. They found some depressions in the anvil-shaped altar, but could discern no clear purpose for them.

Hugh headed out into the corridor and south to the door opposite the library. Egon popped the lock and the party stepped into a small sitting room with a table, chairs, a half-eaten crow, and a giant pile of rubble that fell on their heads as Bernel tripped a trip-wire.

Egon opens another door to the south, and was ambushed by a kobold, which Maurit quickly ate. Bernel knelt down, pulled out an old wizened, gourd-like, vrock gizzard, and kissed the kobold, drawing smoke from its mouth which he then spat into the gizzard, recapping it. Maurit recognized this as some kind of last rites meant to impede the spirit’s safe passage to the afterlife.

Backing out into the corridor, they headed north to a small room with a stuck door, in which, after some shoving, they found the dead remains of a dwarven suicide victim with a note reading “Forgive me, dark father of the forge, my toils shall never be enough.”

Across the hall to the south they found an old coat room, with a single ironbloom mushroom sprouting from a rusted nail in the wall. Gathering the mushroom, they headed north up the hall. At the next door Egon smelled urine, which he somehow identified as belonging to something large, predatory, and mammalian. After some discussion about how to befriend predators, Bernel stepped into the room and growled, attempting to sound “alpha”. A pair of she-wolves rose from behind a desk as he did so, and an abnormally large male came snarling from an adjacent chamber.

Bernel poured out an offering of pig-grease onto the desk and the large male wolf’s snarl turned to a chuckle. The wolf spoke, calling himself Greypelt, telling them that a tribe of kobolds in the caverns below had poisoned the aquifer that fed all of Droskar’s Crag, as well as the town’s wells, in an effort to kill off a tribe of goblins, Greypelt’s allies, with whom they were at war. Greypelt offered the party some ironbloom mushrooms, which his pack had been feeding off of to fend off the blackscour, in exchange for the party heading into the caverns below the monastery to root out the kobolds.

The party agreed to the wolf’s terms and headed into the next room, where they rappelled down the collapsed strairs into the caverns below. Bernel went down first and was met with several spears chucked at him by kobolds waiting in the wings. He charged, pulls out the eye of Azathoth, and allowed the dark god to have his way with the kobolds. The rest came down the rope after him, Egon jumping down and managing to shoot one of the kobolds in the eye despite the injuries he took in the fall. Hugh and Maurit followed suit and Bernel finished them off with another blast from Azathoth’s eye.

They saw a pair of goblins fleeing and scene and, giving chase, rounded a corner to see the goblins disintegrate and an evil hiss rise from the darkness ahead. A floating dwarven form shrouded in full plate came towards them, the air about it shimmering eerily, and the walls and floor sizzling and smoking where it passes. The thing’s boots scorned the earth, gliding a full foot above the masonry floor and trailing a glowing bloodletter axe behind it. They shot at it…and shot it…and shot it some more, Egon emptying his quiver. Finally with a popping noise, the floating suit of armor fell, leaving a large puddle on the floor.

Backtracking a bit, Bernel led the way into an ancient barracks, with rows of uncomfortable-looking stone beds, and was promptly attacked by a swarm of stirges which latched on and began to drain his blood. Guy promptly cleared the horrid mosquito-like creatures with a well-placed fire-bomb and patched Bernel up with a healing potion he whipped up on the side.

Hugh taking the lead now, glowing axe in hand, they headed north out of the room and proceeded up the corridor. Ahead they could see lights and hear the sounds of battle. Charging forward, Hugh saw a goblin fighting back-to-back with a human girl-child against more than a half-dozen well armed kobolds. Bernal invokeed Azathoth to “help the innocents” and Hugh charged into the fray, immediately downing one of the kobolds with his new axe. Egon followed, stabbing another kobold in the back with his knife. Bernal and Guy finished off the rest of the pack with blasts of fire and invocations to Azathoth.

The party then interrogated the goblin, who introduces himself as Edgrin and explained that he came to rescue the other goblins of his tribe who had been enslaved by the kobolds, and the girl, who introduced herself as Kimi and claimed to have come from Falcon’s Hollow the night before with several other children after over-hearing Elarius telling the party about the ironbloom mushrooms. Both were captured by the kobolds and had only recently managed a jail-break…


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