The Shattering of Darkmoon Vale

Adventure Log 11: Ghast Dire Were-Woodchucks!

We have a mission!

Adventure Log: Desnus 21, Year 4712 AR, Fireday

Finally wiggling as much as the nets would allow, she pulled out the shard, opened her bag full of dwarven tankards, and shoved the shard into the cursed, animated tankard. As she handled the shard, she had a vision of the Irespan in Magnimar, but had little time to ponder over it as the tankard sprang from her hand with even greater strength than previously witnessed, busted through the nets, and began smashing the chains in an attempt to crush her head.

“You want it, Greypelt? Go fetch!”

The mug dove at Maurit’s head, but hit the chains instead, easily smashing the chains and leaving Maurit just enough of a gap to wiggle free. Enraged, Greypelt snapped, presumably, at Maurit’s face, but instead caught the mug in his mouth, probably damaging a few teeth in the process.

As Guy struggled vainly to break free of confinement, Nob, short on ideas, activated the treefeller, which began cutting through the chains. Meanwhile, Hugh pulled out his short-sword and pried loose one of the stakes holding the net down.

Greypelt, showing an unprecedented level of dexterity for a wold, released the mug and quickly snatched the shard from it with his teeth, flinging the shard it into the waiting hands of the hyena-headed goblin shamaness, Mother Mooneye. The goblin woman pulled a small red-and-blue sphere from a pouch at her waist and fit it into a socket in the shard, causing it to hum audibly.

As the treefeller finished sawing just enough of the chains to leave a gnome-sized gap for Nob to escape through, Maurit, now freed, ran over and picked up the mug where it had fallen inert. Hugh, standing, asked Graypelt why they wanted the shard. The wolf assured him that they wanted it purely for scholarly interest and that, now that the shard was in their possession, the party was free to leave peaceably.

Though Guy, still chained to the ground, inisted that Greypelt was lying, the goblins did, indeed, begin to withdraw. Then, without preamble, the earth rumbled and shook violently.

Everyone was knocked off their feet.

Trees toppled.

And great fissures opened in the ground right under the feet of the combatants. Nob, Egon, numerous goblins, and the nets all vanished into the fissures.

Hugh pulled a rope from his pack and tossed one end to Maurit, who dove head-first down the fissure nearest to her. The rope pulled taught a few feet above a ledge where Egon and Nob had landed. Maurit gave Egon a cursory examination, found him to no longer be breathing, and pulled off his slippers, making a mental note to come back to retrieve his body (for raising or eating, we are not sure) later. Finding Nob to still be alive, she pulled a curing potion from her pack, shoved it down his throat, and signaled Hugh to haul them both out of the chasm.

In the chaos caused by the earthquake, Guy saw Greypelt grab the fully-activated shard from Mother Mooneye and bolt. Reacting quickly, Guy hit the shard with a burning disarm spell, causing the wolf to drop the shard. As soon as Maurit’s head appeared over the lip of the fissure, Hugh dropped the rope in favor of his longbow and unleashed a volley at Greypelt.

Maurit ran flat-out after the wold and Mother Mooneye, now transformed into a giant hyena, kept pace with her. Both of them cornered the wolf just as he was retrieving the dropped shard…and just as bombs thrown by both Guy and Nob also hit. As the wolf and hyena burst into flames, Maurit, cringing from the heat, struck Greypelt with her claws, freezing him in his tracks.

Hugh fired a magical electrified arrow at the already crispy Mother Mooneye, striking her dead. Their leader fallen, the remaining goblins, those that hadn’t fallen into the fissures, scattered and fled.

Maurit then went “all alpha-predator” and ripped Greypelt’s throat out. She picked up the shard and began picking her teeth with it, coming to the sudden realization that it is the Shard of Pride, a fragment of the Sihedron which they had briefly discovered beneath Morningstar Abbey in Haggash. As she examined it, she again had a vision of the Irespan in Magnimar…specifically one of the ancient bridge’s massive pilings.

While looting Maurit finds a mask of the demon mother on Mother Mooneye’s body. Some debate ensues as to whether or not the mask’s ability to allow the wearer to breed with any animal would extend to undead creatures or to the normally infertile gnomes. While Guy pondered the possibility of Ghast Dire Were-woodchucks, Nob was quick to chime in…

“I wanna breed with anything! I need to breed! I’m getting a little long in the tooth so I need to find a nice young lass to force myself on.” Nob’s enthusiasm eventually won him the mask.

After finishing looting, the party headed back to Falcon’s Hallow to find it relatively undamaged by the earthquake. They return to the pathfinder lodge to find Elarius missing and the orphan-girl peacefully asleep on a couch. Suspicious as always, they searched the place and Guy found some bloody cloths in a trash bin. Presuming the worst, Guy took Larry’s alchemist book for safekeeping until he gets back, and Nob and Guy raided the stash of reagents (Nob emptying the bottom shelves and Guy cleaning off the top).

While the alchemist tag-team looted their employer’s laboratory, Hugh took a closer look at the bloody garments, finding them to be a dress and some sheets…and not Larry’s as they had assumed. Nob put on the mask and found that the girl was clearly no-longer pre-pubescent. He leaned in uncomfortably close to the girl to make sure the smell was coming from her, causing the girl to wake up. She seemed strangely unphased by the midget in a three-eyed hyena mask looming over her…

Hoping to confirm that the girl, whom they still thought might be a were-beast of some kind, had not done something unpleasant to Elarius, Maurit stepped outside and grabbed a passing villager who informed her that Larry left that morning heading “that’a’way”…

Maurit came back inside, shoved the gnome off the bed, and had a chat with the girl about “birds and bees and moonflowers and whatever other shit her mom told her about” and the practical reality that “now you’re going to bleed once a month”. Nob stood by giggling while they talked about lady parts, then fixed the girl with his best “gnome-stare”!

Adventure Log: Desnus 22, Year 4712 AR, Starday

After some rest and recuperation, Guy insisted that the party should return to the dwarven monastery to retrieve his bear cubs.

They head back into the mountains only to find that the monastery has collapsed completely after the earthquake. Guy and Hugh searched the rubble and found bear and wolf tracks leading away from the rubble. They followed the tracks up the mountain to a cave where they found the five bear-cubs suckling on a she-wolf. Guy consoled himself on the knowledge that they are apparently being well-taken care of and left the bears in the wolf’s care…

Crestfallen at the inopportunity to explore the monastery further, the party hit the road for Magnimar…


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