The Shattering of Darkmoon Vale

Adventure Log 1: The Meeting

Hey Abbot! Did you meet my Ghoulfriend?

Guy, Maurit, and Egon, fresh from their barely successful adventures in Absalom, and desiring to escape the ire of the local assassin’s guild, catch a boat for the city of Magnimar on the Varisian coast. Egon has received papers from the venture captain in Absalom, ordering him to report to the Pathfinder Lodge in the small, frontier town of Falcon’s Hallow, most likely as punishment for his previous bumbling.

Once docked in Magnimar, the three reported to the Pathfinder Lodge there to stay the night. In the lodge common room they met Hugh De Payen, a former lumberjack (and amateur tuba player) who warned them of “Strange things in the woods” around Falcon’s Hallow, ‘things that hunt in the night. Lumberjacks disappearing. Adventurers that never returned. and DIRE WOODCHUCKS!’ He was, admittedly, “not the sharpest knife in the drawer”.

A strange shadowy figure, hanging out in the back of the common room, on hearing that they were bound for Falcon’s Hallow, asked to join them in their fight against the “force of light”. It quickly became clear that he had difficulties with the Common tongue…confusing light and dark, wet and dry, and other common concepts. Regardless he avoided the light (“dark”) like the plague and asked the party to wait and leave Magnimar at night. He may or may not have been a member of a small, upstart assassin’s guild in Magnimar, and apparently was himself recently transferred from the Pathfinder Lodge in Riddleport. Also, apparently, he and Egon shared a penchant for killing large rats for the society.

After getting a few hours of rest, the party left on foot for Falcon’s Hallow.

It rained…A LOT.

Around midnight the party stumbled into the Traveler’s Boon Inn in Haggash. Hugh De Payen broke out a flugelhorn to wake up the innkeep. There they got a good meal, a warm bed, and XXamtwiz got hooked on hallucinogens made by the alchemist. The barkeep told them about strange, robed, big-nosed monks that had been poking around town lately.

Wcfields3The next morning they awoke, had a good breakfast, and were informed by the lady serving food that she had heard digging noises coming from Morningstar Abbey the previous evening and that she had also seen the big-nosed fellas.

The party decided to hike over the hill and investigate the Abbey.

They walked around the Abbey a bit, finding the old stone structure to have no windows and only a single entrance. The grounds were not consecrated (at least not in any way that bothered Guy or his ghoulfriend), and there were a few old trees on the grounds. They could hear digging from inside and decided to knock and ask what was up. They were turned away by the old, red-nosed, Father Dosol who ran the place. Egon suggested that it looked like the priest was charmed or being controlled in some way.

After some discussion about removing the doors from their hinges, or other means of entry, Hugh De Payen simply opened the doors into the vestibule, and was immediately jumped by a pair of ruffians…with very big noses.

…Fight to be continued next week…


Brand_Darklight Brand_Darklight

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